Blogging and Social Media Essentials for Great Lakes Advocates

Great Lakes advocates who are new to blogging and a few blogging pros shared how to use blogs and social media effectively during the Great Lakes Restoration Conference.

Bloggers used the blogging how-to slides to come up engaging leads for blogs on greening Detroit, the new Greater Cleveland Aquarium, the experience of being at a gathering of so many diverse Great Lakes advocates, and the extensive Great Lakes Now live coverage of the conference.

Blog About Great Lakes Restoration

Join in writing your own blog on a the importance of local restoration projects — and urge President Obama and Governor Romney commit to maintaining funding of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. The Asian carp crises and importance of protecting the drinking water for over 30 million people requires candidates who pledge show leadership on the Great Lakes.

Learn How to Use Blogs, Facebook and Twitter

Take a look at the presentation to learn more about how and why to use blogs, Facebook and Twitter to reach your audience and make progress on the issues most important to the Great Lakes region.

Blogging & Social Media Essentials from Jennifer Janssen

Share the Blogging and Social Media Slides

Strategic use of blogging and social media is critical for Great Lakes advocates reaching and engaging grassroots supporters, decision-makers, and funder. In this presentation and discussion we cut through the endless list of new media tools to focus on how to strategically use blogs, Facebook, and Twitter to reach your target audience.

Share these  slides as a resource for successfully advancing Great Lakes campaigns through blogging and social media.
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