East Side of Detroit Tour Photoblog

Take a look at Melissa Damaschke’s photoblog from the tour of the east side of Detroit, which borders the Detroit River, one of the country’s fastest rivers.

Doug Denison from JJR explains how the once industrial riverfront transformed into a space for people to enjoy. Pictured here is Milliken State Park, which includes constructed wetland that help treat storm water.


Pic from river

This is one of a kind. All of the rides on this carousel can be found in and around the river except for the mermaid which was designed by the community.


Shane Bernardo from Earthworks Urban Farm shared information with tour participants about dismantling racism in the food system and highlighted efforts by Capuchin Soup Kitchen and the community to grow their own food at Earthworks located at Kercheval and Meldrum in Detroit.


Mac from Detroit riverfront conservancy is showing off Detroit's riverfront.

"If you heal the mind, you heal the world." - Tyree Guyton - Tyree is a Detroit artist who created art on Heidelberg street in Detroit as a process of healing from the economic devastation that Detroit has seen over the years.


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