Ohio and the Great Lakes Compact

Today was the last day of the Great Lakes Conference. The last session I attended was  “Ohio and the Future of the Great Lakes Compact” with former Ohio Governor Bob Taft, Kristy Meyer from Ohio Environmental Council, Marc Smith from National Wildlife Federation, and Christopher Evans from the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

The topic for discussion was, with Ohio’s new Compact legislation going into effect at the beginning of September, now what happens?

Former Ohio Governor Bob Taft (standing, left) and Marc Smith (standing, right)

The short answer is, now is when we roll up our sleeves and get to work on the rule making and implementation process.

For part of the session, Governor Taft and the others reviewed the long history of the Compact, starting back in the early 80’s, and the great co-operation and partnerships between different organizations, local and federal government agencies, and, with Canada, nations.

We need to continue that great momentum of working together to implement Ohio’s Compact to keep on pace with our fellow Great Lakes states if we are going to see the success envisioned by the visionaries who crafted the Compact.

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