Great Lakes Restoration: Our Clean Water Heroes

Guest post by Jennifer Doron, Director of Marketing & Communications, Ohio Environmental Council

At the beginning of the session “The Clean Water Act at 40: Still Critical to Great Lakes Restoration,” Jan Goldman-Carter of the National Wildlife Foundation, introduced one of the speakers, my colleague Kristy Meyer, as “a woman who needs no introduction.”

In Ohio’s “water world,” everyone knows Kristy.

The OEC’s Kristy Meyer as seen from the news feed.

As Director of Agriculture and Clean Water Programs for the Ohio Environmental Council, she works tirelessly to protect our water here in Ohio. Just like the hundreds of other attendees at the Great Lakes Conference.

Kristy is a leader here in Ohio and nationally on clean water issues. While she strives, as we all do, for balance in our lives, for her the professional is the personal.

Her passion for water is visible every day in her work and personal life.

With water, how can it not be personal? We need it for sheer survival.

I grew in the desert of Southern California in the 70’s and 80’s. I didn’t drink the tap water. Ever. It was brown and had stuff in it. It was probably the same way during that time here in Ohio in the aftermath of the Cuyahoga River fire.

I’ve lived in Ohio now for four years, both in Columbus and Cleveland, and I’m thrilled to be able to drink right from the tap.

Without Kristy and all the water advocates across the state and country, and their equally devoted predecessors, that wouldn’t be possible.

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